Research brief

Development and application of nanocarbon materials

[ Subtheme leader: Naoki Yokoyama (Leader) ]
carbon nanotube (CNT) graphene

Nanocarbon materials such as carbon nanotubes (CNT's) and graphene have many extraordinary properties, such as a factor of 1000 times higher mobility and 10 times larger saturation velocity than Si. As such, they are promising key materials for bringing the low voltage operation CMOS-FET to fruition. They are also expected to become building blocks of future electronic devices since they can be either metallic or semiconducting depending on their structure. In this subtheme, we will conduct the following research and development.

  1. The development of stable and highly-reproducible manufacturing technology for CNT structures which can be used in CMOS circuit channel and backend technology.
  2. The research and development of large-area synthesis technology for the growth of high-quality graphene for its application to transistor channels, and technology for producing graphene transistors.
  3. Research for low resistance interconnect technology by CNT or graphene, and research and development of active interconnect technologies.

2.1 Synthesis of nano-carbon and application to transistor/wiring

[ Group Leader: Shintaro Sato (Fujitsu) ]

Synthesis and transistor application of graphene

We develop a technology to form high-quality graphene with controlled number of layers on a large substrate, aiming to apply the graphene to transistors (MOS-FETs). We also develop a technology to fabricate graphene channels for low-voltage operation CMOS-FETs of which power-supply voltage will be less than 0.3V.
To realize low-power consumption high-performance LSI, we try to use low-resistance CNT/graphene for LSI interconnect. So, we also work on the development of low-resistance CNT/graphene interconnect technologies.

2.2 CNT/graphene application to thermal management

[ Group Leader: Mizuhisa Nihei (Fujitsu) ]

CNT/graphene interconnects

To realize low-power consumption high-performance LSI, we focus on the development of low-resistance CNT/graphene interconnect technologies. We will also develop not only interconnects, but also the thermal management technology using thermal through-silicon-vias (TSV).

2.3 Synthesis and device application of CNT

[ Group Leader: Kenji Hata (AIST) ]

Synthesis and device application of CNT

We will develop the CNT synthesis and processing technology to realize the electronics devices such as low-voltage operation LSI by using carbon nanotubes (CNT). For this purpose, we will develop a selective synthetic technology of metallic-type CNT and semiconductor-type CNT which had been thought difficult. We will also try to produce the devices such as FET using synthesized CNT experimentally.