Profile of Leader Collaborative Research Team

Dr. Naoki Yokoyama Leader Collaborative Research Team
Dr. Naoki Yokoyama

was born in Osaka, Japan, on March 28, 1949. He received the B. S. degree in physics from Osaka City University, in 1971, and the M. S. degree in physics in 1973 and the Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering in 1984, both from Osaka University. In 1973, he joined the Semiconductor Devices Laboratory of Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd., Kanagawa, Japan. His work there has focused on the research and development of compound semiconductor devices. Highlights include the development of self-aligned GaAs MESFET's, the first success in fabricating hot-electron transistors, and the invention of resonant-tunneling transistors.

He was promoted to a fellow of Fujitsu Laboratories in June 2000, and in charge of establishing the Nanotechnology Research Center in December 2000. The center had three research groups: the Nanophotonics group, the Nanomaterials group, and the Nanobiotechnology group. Fujitsu has established new venture company, Quantum Dot Laser Inc., to commercialize quatum dot lasers, developed in the Nanophotonics group under his management. Fujitsu will establish venture companies in Singapore and Munich by transferring the nano-biotechnologies, developed in the center, to these companies within a year or two.
The nanomaterials group was working for carbon nanotubes, aiming at realistic applications to electronics, such as interconnects in LSI and heat sinks for power devices.

In 2010, he was selected to be one of core researchers of Funding Program for world-leading Innovative R&D on Science and Technology, FIRST, which was recently established by the government to place the priority on 30 distinguished researchers. He has then been appointed to be a leader of Collaborative Research Team Green Nanoelectronics Center, newly established at AIST, to promote the FIRST program. Most of the members of his nanomaterials group has moved to AIST with him to expand the R&D of nanocarbon materials.